Hi everyone, in General, this is a Russian server and here you can: -Find new friends. -Listen to music. - Discuss game updates or new items. You can also play Akinator and Pokecord on it. There are only 8 bots on the server-Mi6,Rythm,Akinator,Pokecord and Nika. What is your impression of our discord server?If it is good, you can go to it,and Yes, everything is in English, and the server is Russian.
Участники: 12 , Онлайн: 2 Владелец сервера: 𝙰𝕝𝐛ᴇ𝓇𝓽 ᵍᗩ𝘇Ⓘ🅡𝔬𝖛ᴉ匚h̶#1942

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